3some Dating Saved My Marriage

threesome dating

Open marriage is the key to my happiness

My sex education started in high school, when I was just 17. I'm bisexual, but I also have a boyfriend, and now my husband. He taught me the true saying I, "I told my orgasms responsible, I also enjoy my orgasm". I enjoyed having sex in bed with him, and I opened up my exploration of sex. Soon after, I met a my age bisexual girl in a threesome dating website , I do not know in her boyfriend's case about her, and she went to bed, we enjoy the two opposite naked feeling of collision. Over the next few years, I always enjoy having sex on both sides, just as my husband once told me, "I'm responsible for my orgasms, and I enjoy my orgasms."". During this period, I was very happy because I thought I had an open marriage.

Love is different from sex

After a long private date with the bisexual girl, the husband knew it. He was very angry, and he said he didn't want me to go to bed with anyone else. I said I just enjoyed the bisexual dating process. He felt that I was unfaithful to him. I know I'm bisexual, but I told him I loved him, but he did not make clear of sex and love, just a two body collision process for each other, and love is caring, care, understanding, is a long process.

threesome dating saved our marriage

After a while, though my husband was not mad at me any more, I knew he was just like a child losing his favorite toy. So I told him some stories about threesome dating and coming out of the house at home every day to increase his understanding of androgyny, and make him have a clearer understanding and different treatment of sex and love. I also told him how the bisexual girl came out with her parents and friends and watched a bisexual film with him. After listening to the bisexual girl, my husband sensed that he had some interest in her. So I try to ask he wanted to be strong a romantic 3somes, her husband told me he hesitated for a long time and I don't want to have sex outside of the woman, I said to him, "the temptation, the girl is in great shape, and the bed is also very strong, she let me experience a night the 5 climax. You really don't want to see?" "But....." The husband paused. "But what?"" I chased. "But would you like me to go to bed with the other girls?"" "Of course I do. I want to try the 3somes," I said "OK, try a place. I just want you to be happy." my husband kissed me. Then I told the bisexual girl, my husband and I, and the girl agreed. Then we picked a Saturday at our house. We enjoyed a happy 3some dating. My husband and I are getting better and better.