Four Tips For Bisexual Who Want To Be Out


We all know that there are large quantity of bisexuals,however people who coming out as bisexual women is less than that who hiding their bisexual sexuality.

Why does this situation happens? Now we can find that so much of them are struggle in coming out, cause they are face the stress given by their family.

I mention this to say you’re not alone. You’re not alone in being closeted, and when you decide to come out, there is a vibrant bisexual dating site waiting for you.

So for those of you struggling with coming out as bisexual, here’s my advice:

1. Remember your identity is a journey

Do not stuck with one label, your identity may and most likely will change over the course of your life. I once was identify as bisexual women, pansexual, and queer& I've met many women who identify as lesbian even though they date men. Giving a libel to yourself is just a ticket to a certain community. Therefore, they are not permanent. As the age-old adage say,"do not commit everything forever, cause you don,t know what would happened in the next moment.

2. The bisexual community is thriving

When you come out as bisexual, you will not feel isolated, cause our bisexual community is thriving. In the community u can meet more bisexual people. When I was in college, I didn’t know a single bisexual man, while after graduating and coming out as bisexual, I met so many bisexual guys. some of them one labeled as lesbian, gay or straight. Here is a false assumption that a man dating another man is gay, and a man dating bisexual woman is straight. However when you dating bisexual man u can also be attracted by women, this is the significance of existence of bisexual.

3. Coming out is a relieving experience

Being closeted in any way has adverse psychological effects. When people think u are straight, but u have feelings with both man and woman, u may feel struggle at some time. etc. when u fall i love with a man but you are label as straight which may let u leave a bad impression.While people may reject you when you come out. at this moment you will know who your real friends are. You can start surrounding yourself with the people who love and race you for who you are, instead of hiding yourself from the people u don't think will accept the real you.

4. Come out confidently and proudly

Even if you're not 100 percent sure, pretend you are. Here’s why: If you show any hesitation, people will doubt your identity, If you say,“I think I'm bisexual women,” people will feel that you’re confused or try to tell you you’re gay or straight. However, if you say it confidently, people are more likely to believe you. So say it like you mean it.In addition when u come out as bisexual women do not say it like a big deal You don’t need to say,“I have something important I need to tell you.”You just like multiple genders. The less of a deal you make it, the less of a deal it becomes.