Go To Enjoy 3some Dating


Contrary to popualr belief,a threesome dating isn't really a bad thing,but that is just my opinion as a bisexual.In fact I think every guys want to have a nice 3some dating with a girl and a man.

But if you think the 3some dating is batoo,it is probably that the social has caged your sexual urges and forced you into believing that doing anything beyond the missionary position.The feeling of love is difficult to describe.Sexual, well,it's just as crazy and unique.someone who hates the idea of sexual threesomes probably do so because he don’t like sharing his lover with others.Or he feels really insecure and threatened by the idea that their partner could be sexually attractedto someone other than themselves.However as the bisexual can sharemy partner with another,because we are bisexual,I love girl,well,man too.

I believe if you jump out of the mind of the major people's,and you probably have a nice 3some dating.